What is ACHCA?

Founded in 1962, ACHCA is a non-profit professional membership association which provides superior educational programming, professional certification, and career development opportunities for its members.

Guided by the vision that dynamic leadership forges long term health care services that are desired, meaningful, successful, and efficient, ACHCA identifies, recognizes, and supports long term care leaders, advocating for their mission and promoting excellence in their profession. ACHCA is currently seeking chapter leaders for South Carolina. If you are interested in a chapter leadership role or starting a chapter, please contact the membership team

Your Body is a Temple.

It has been said that Solomon's temple had unparalleled beauty and the construction and architecture was unlike anything the world has ever seen. What a marvelous building this temple must have been? As your body is a wonderful gift given by and created in the image of God, it should be cherished and looked after with great care and admiration.

It is said that your body is also a Temple and should treated with the same dignity and reverence as any other sacred thing or place. When we remember the great sacrifice our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave for all of our sins, and the manner of flesh that was sacrificed on behalf of all of us, it provides a great reminder to respect our bodies.

As "Cleanliness is next to Godliness", we should all pay close attention to the words of Isaiah 1:16. Also people say that you often get out of something what you put in. This seems to be true when it comes to our bodies as well, for example many olympic athletes that train for their sport.. also have strict diets that allow their bodies to perform at optimal levels. Age, and longevity is another reason to treat your body with care. Everything in moderation, as with food, certain activities should be done in moderation as well if our bodies start to show fatigue or signs of abuse. If children play video games for too long and sit in front of the television or screen for hours on end, the body will start to show signs of fatigue, eyesight impairment, and the lack of exercise can lead to obvious and excessive weight gain.

Sleep, stress and good diet are key factors in maintaining good health. If your body is taking in healthy foods and getting enough recovery time in the form of sleep, you will be more alert and productive in daily activities. There are many rewards to maintaining a healthy diet, and many of these things go hand in hand with the others. If you are eating healthy and your body is in shape, you will be more confident in your appearance and this will lead to less stress.

No unclean thing can enter the kingdom of heaven and the same principles can be applied to our bodies. If we abuse our bodies in any way it can make it difficult or impossible to have the holy spirit within us, and we may lose the ability to discern from Godly direction. If our minds are altered by consuming alcohol or drugs, we may lose out on precious guidance and blessings from Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. Let us all strive to live a clean life and respect our bodies in the manner our Heavenly Father intended.

Octavio Melendez - February 17, 2023